Ambassador of change program

Ambassador of change program

With every activity you book through Growd, we will donate part of the proceeds towards providing free educational content and access to child centres for vulnerable and disadvantaged children in sub-Saharan Africa because NO child should be left behind!

Why open children centres?

Because we know that early childhood learning is important, we believe that access to this vital support should be made available to ALL children. Our children centres will provide essential support that’s needed for the children and their families and promote better outcomes for their lives. We will also use these centres to provide proof points for proposed changes to our legislation.

Why provide access to clean drinking water?

The World Health Organization recommends 2.7 litres of safe water per person per day for adequate health yet more than 780 million people don’t have access to safe water systems. It is also the most vulnerable that are tasked with the job of sourcing for water. Women and children spend more than four hours walking for water each day. For this reason, we are working with partners that have expertise in water, sanitation and hygiene to help create sustainable water systems in different Growd child centre locations throughout Africa.

Become the change they need today!​