More than 70% of parents are feeling overwhelmed, stressed and tired and are finding it difficult managing homeschooling, parenting and working from home. An overwhelming 92% of parents interviewed are constantly looking for ways to keep their children active and engaged, showed our latest research.

On March 15th 2020, the Kenyan government announced nationwide school closures in response to Covid-19. A move disrupting over 17 million learners countrywide. Nearly 9 million children in primary schools are out of school with close to 7 million of them not having logged on to any online class.

Our study was based on surveys and interviews of more than 200 parents and carers from across the country with children below the primary school age.

Tracey Wasunna, Growd’s resident Child Psychologist commented on the recent study.

“The children have been affected the most. From going to real school to homeschooling and from socialising daily to mostly seeing their loved ones and classmates digitally or not at all, it is no wonder that we found that nearly 50% of children are feeling anxious, worried and scared about the current lockdown situation.”

Download the full report below.

Coronavirus: How are parents coping?

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