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Our Covid-19 response

The Covid-19 or Coronavirus global pandemic has changed the way we live, learn, work and socialize. As a result, parents and guardians are now taking on new responsibilities and facing new challenges including how to provide the best early stimulation and learning activities for their little ones everyday. We have heard from our parent and provider community and made the following changes to our services.

Virtual activities, live streaming and Plenty of Discounts!

Some of our providers are now offering their activities and events virtually. This means that more families can now take part from the comfort of their homes. In the coming weeks, we will have more businesses offering their activities and events online.

We have also slashed the subscription fees for our premium users by 50% for the next 3 months.

We are supporting our provider community

Not only are we offering free digital training to our providers in order to help them effectively carry out their activities during this challenging time, but we have also scrapped our commissions for the next 4 months to help them recover from the impact of the pandemic.

More resources

We are now working with our partner organizations and experts to provide more resources to our parent community that will help them be rock star parents during lock down. We have already started posting some learning activities on our social media channels and we will follow this up with useful content, blogs and webinars that will help parents get their children excited about learning at home.

Stay safe, be kind and remember to wash your hands

Growd Crew