Free books to educate your children on race

Am I brown? Am I black? These are questions that most parents of colour have heard at least twice. Although children are too young to understand the social constructs of race or it’s implications on social dynamics the way adults do, they are not colorblind and they do notice physical differences. Don’t be surprised when you hear your child comparing his skin color to others’ – They are simply fascinated by the differences. The comments that they make about the colour of their skin or other children’s skin are innocent and mainly descriptive.

The most recent developments in America over the death of George Floyd has created a need for parents to start educating their children on race early. To do this effectively starts with what we talk about, watch and read at home.

Here is a list of free books that can help with that.


I am the Colour of Honey – Biracial experiences

Illustrated by Caroline Faysse, Written by Maïmouna Jallow

Categories: Age 2-5 Years 

A little girl explains what it is like to have people make judgments about her skin colour. She loves her biracial family and wishes others would understand. A poignant look at our multicultural society through the eyes of a child, perfect for social studies or humanities classes.  

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Don’t Be a Bully

A story by Danielle Bruckert and Zehnya Bruckert

Categories: Ages 5-8 Years

Don’t be a Bully is a short simple book for young children, promoting values of anti-bullying and anti-discrimination.

This book teaches children ten important life lessons about values and the importance of treating everyone equal, no matter what race, religion, gender, or abilities. There are exercises supporting the topics at the end which can be used for classroom life lessons/health education or home school exercises.

Each lesson is introduced by an animal with a name that uses alliteration, eg Gerty Goat, Wally Walrus. 

While the word “discrimination” might be a big one for young children, we think it’s a REALLY important one, and well within their grasps to learn early.

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Same-Same or Different? Being friends despite differences

Author: Roopa Pai Illustrator: Rohit Kelkar

Categories: Age 6-9 years

Can you only be friends with people who are exactly like you? Is it wrong to be best friends with someone who is different? Learn to SORT OUT the answers to these questions, mathematically, and humanely, with Snake and Sparrow in this heartwarming story about friendship despite differences. This story about being friends despite differences

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The Elephant Bird

Arefa Tehsin, Sonal Goyal, Sumit Sakhuja

Categories: Age 6-9 years 

The Elephant Bird is a beautifully illustrated story of mistaken identity, illuminating people’s fear of the unknown, and how important it is to understand and respect others’ differences. Munia was different from the other children. She could not run. It was her differences that first made her notice the Elephant Bird – he was just like her.

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