Due to the pandemic more than 1.3 Billion children worldwide are currently out of school with two thirds of them not having logged on to any online class. This means that more than 860 Million children are looking at their parents and carers to play both the nurturer and primary educator role. 

To some of us, this is a breeze, a walk in the park, but to the majority, this is a mountain to conquer. Most of us thought that by now we’d have gotten the hang of our new lifestyle and adapting to the era of social distancing and school closures but the reality is that a majority of us are still struggling to strike a balance. It can get even more challenging and time consuming to find the right resource for your child mostly because there are so many to sieve through and so many parents are still juggling working from home at the same time. 

It’s not all gloom and doom though. The reality is that learning happens all the time, with or without our constant supervision so don’t worry too much about planning each and every minute of your child’s day and instead have a look at some great live resources and classes that will not only provide excellent learning opportunities for your child but will also give you a few extra minutes of alone time to relax and drink some hot chocolate.

We start off this series of blogs with a focus on core subjects. If you like what you are reading, click the links to view more.


BBC Bitesize Daily: Enlisting celebrities to help deliver classes, has never been this fun to watch. Here, resources and lessons are conveniently categorised by age groups and aired or posted daily. BBC Bitesize goes beyond mathematics to also cover most core subjects including English, Science, Geography and lots more.

White Rose Maths: This team offers  in-depth training programmes, a vast bank of clear, practical resources, and bespoke support. They are bringing maths into everything. Together with @classroomkitchen on twitter, see how white rose maths is applying mathematical concepts in cooking and food.

Brain Pop: This is an animated educational site for kids. Each lesson comes with lesson ideas, a movie, games, a smart worksheet, related reading, a quiz which you can make yourself and so much more. The site also hosts much more resources for other school subjects including English, Social Studies, Science, Art and many more.


Save with Stories: Save the children has partnered with a host of celebrities to bring your favourite stories to life. Join the likes of Lupita Nyong’o, Meghan Markle, Helen Miren and many more everyday and support a good cause.

Mc Grammar live lesson: Who knew you could blend grammar, spelling, reading and phonics with rap and hip hop. These live lessons do it all! Catch Mc Grammar every Tuesday and Thursday on YouTube or Facebook live!

BookTrust Hometime: Settle down after lunch with these live storytelling sessions read by your favourite children’s book authors. Never miss a session!

Daily Phonics with Mr. Mc: Learn phonics with songs, games and plenty of interaction from an award winning early years teacher Mr. Mc. Catch the live sessions every weekday morning. 

English with Holly: These live sessions are filled with resources and worksheets that go along with the lessons. The classes are themed and available for different age groups. You can catch the live sessions during the week or catch up on their YouTube channel.

CBeebies Bedtime stories: Bedtimes stories have never been this interesting. Thanks to the BBC, you and your child can enjoy stories read by your favourite celebrity. Hundreds of stories are available on YouTube, CBeebies app and the CBeebies website.

Reading Realm: This read-along class comes with extra resources and activities. Join the facebook community and share your child’s favourite creation.


#GSCAtHome: Ever wondered if you could send a teacake into space? Neither have I, but if that question got you curious to find out more, this resource will be great for you. This science show goes live every morning and is suitable for children over the age of seven.

Waters STEM Live shows: Waters’ scientists, technologists and engineers from around the globe have come together to conduct engaging experiments for kids of all ages on Facebook Live. Join them live every week for fun science challenges.

Froggle Wacky Wednesdays: With a background in kids events and parties, this team really understands how to capture and retain the kids attention and deliver highly engaging educational content with fully interactive, fun-filled and thrilling experiments, games, activities and more resources for your child’s growing mind.


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    This article is great! If it help, you can teach your
    child to read, this video reveals how any child aged 2-9 can quickly learn to read at home: https://bit.ly/36nmkge

    • Angie Madara
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      Thanks for sharing

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    This article is great! If it help, you can teach your child to read, this
    video reveals how any child aged 2-9 can quickly learn to
    read at home: https://bit.ly/36nmkge

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