Is your child more curious about the world around them, different people, places and cultures? Or perhaps more interested in learning about past heroes and past events? Or do you simply want to build resilient minds? Then this list is for you.

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Cincinnati Zoo Home Safari: Meet the amazing animals of the Cincinnati zoo everyday. The team introduces a new animal each day and  shares fun facts and other useful information about them. The live show is followed by an activity you can do at home.

Maddie Moate – Stay curious: Join Maddie, an award winning TV host and adventurer as she explores and learns all about animals, plants, travel and technology, there’s always something new to  discover. Stay Curious!


Historians @ Home: Ever wanted to ask an actual historian a question? This short and snappy live session gives you the opportunity to do just that and get to know of interesting facts, activities and a Q&A session afterwards gives you the opportunity to ask them anything. The shows are for kids 5-18.

Hopeful Histories: Join Hannah in her converted playhouse now history classroom as she introduces you to some inspiring people from the past. Learn about history with these amazing stories. This resource is also great for kids crafts.


MiniMe mindfulness: MiniMe Mindfulness follows a simple process that when adopted and practiced regularly has proven to result in a positive mindset, structure, direction and excitement. Be sure to join this private facebook group prior to the lesson so as not to miss out on a session with Tessa. 

Mindfulness in schools project sit together: This mindfulness meditation session is tailored for families. Participate together with your child and benefit from zen and peace in your lives.

Ruth’s little kitchen cook together: This fun cooking show will teach your kids all about food nutrition as they learn to make simple recipes using items readily available in your fridge or cupboard.

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