Did you know that children who practice mindfulness have higher emotional intelligence, better focus and attention in class, attain better grades, regulate their emotions well, have reduced exam anxiety, reduced tantrums, have less stress and lower rates of depression?

About this event:

Many children have had their world turned upside down due to the global pandemic. With school and club closures to deal with, as well as the inability to meet up with friends or head to parks, playgrounds or open spaces, children have had to contend with a huge amount of change in a very short space of time. Children have had to change from going to real school to homeschooling and from socializing daily to mostly seeing their loved ones and classmates digitally. This is a lot to take in!

Growd has organized an introductory session into what mindfulness is. This is a free 40 minute session with a 30-min guided mindfulness practice and conversation. The session will be conducted using a live video conferencing platform and is intended to support students and children in general during lock-down.

About the organizer:

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Growd works with parents of children below theĀ  age of 14 years by ļ¬nding, designing andĀ  matching them to learning activitiesĀ  that improve academicĀ  performance of their children. Growd focuses on improving performance in Mathematics, English and Science and bases itā€™s design on a childā€™s developmentalĀ  milestones, location, interest and goals. Growdā€™s app also provides a hub that parents can use to getĀ  answers to their most pressing questionsĀ  privately and conļ¬dently from a thriving parent community and experts.

About the child psychologist

Tracey Wasunna is a child psychologist with experience providing psychological support to children through play therapy. She has also worked with children with special needs. Tracey is a firm believer in developing the child holistically.

About the Teachers

ƈnia and Vanessa are both holistic therapists who have also been working in childcare for almost 10 years now. Together they created a small space where children are able to play and learn through educationalĀ  activities (incorporated with mindfulness) designed to support their self development.Ā 

Now bringing some activities online, they will be offering family & kids Yoga and other mindfulness classes to support children in maintaining a positive, happy and healthy state of mind.Ā 

Note to Parents and Teachers

Let us know if there is anything specific you would like the instructors to work on for your child (Conversations, communications, expressing feelings, focus, attention span, etc)! Our goal is to make sure we empower all children to reach their fullest potential. To the extent possible that we will focus on the areas requested by you while we interact with the class.

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