Summer is here, and if you’re struggling to keep your little ones engaged and entertained, check out the classes being offered this July and August on the Growd app.

With categories ranging from sports and art to STEM and mindfulness, there’s surely an activity for everyone. Tour the Growd app today and see how your child can have both a fun and educational summer.  

The co-curricular activities offered through Growd allow children to develop vital learning skills and achieve better academic performance. For example, aside from encouraging physical activity, did you know sports can also improve concentration and time management skills? Or that art not only creates a space for children to express themselves but also improves math and communication skills. Plus, our STEM classes teach children valuable technical skills which are essential for life and work in the 21st century.  


Norris’ Football Classes 

Norris Lugohe’s football classes will build your child’s self-confidence, develop their communication skills, and promote teamwork. 

Sessions every Tuesday starting August 17th until October 26th.

There are currently 5 Sports classes available on the Growd app. 


Amido’s Art Class

Alex Amido’s art class will develop your child’s motor skills through drawing, encourage patience, concentration, relaxation and inspire them to explore their imagination. 

Sessions every Wednesday and Thursday starting August 11th until October 22nd.

There are currently 9 Art classes available on the Growd app. 


Tech Learning Academy 

Kelvin Njoro’s tech learning academy will strengthen your child’s analytical and technical skills, promote creativity and introduce them to coding.  

Sessions every Wednesday and Thursday until October 28th.

There are currently 9 STEM classes available on the Growd app. 

Emotional Wellness 

Christopher’s Emotional Intelligence Class

Christopher Mwikula’s emotional intelligence class teaches your child to manage, express, and communicate their emotions effectively. This class promotes sensory development and enhances discipline through increasing self-awareness and decision-making among children.  

Sessions every Monday and Wednesday until September 1st.

There are currently 3 Emotional Wellness classes available on the Growd app. 


Deli Creations

Hope Joan Wairimu’s deli creations is a cooking class aimed at sharpening your child’s basic math and comprehension skills and encourages creativity and independence. 

Sessions every Saturday starting August 7th until October 16th.

There are currently 5 Cooking classes available on the Growd app. 


Camping Classes with Chris

Christopher Mwikula’s camping classes provide your children with a sense of adventure where they can interact with their peers, build self-esteem, and develop an appreciation for nature. 

Sessions every Sunday and Saturday until August 28th.

There are currently 2 Outdoor classes available on the Growd app. 


Chris’s Swahili Class

Christopher Chigiri’s Swahili class allows your children to explore a whole new culture through language. Learning a new language can improve memory function, strengthen problem solving and verbal skills as well as enhance creative thinking capacities. 

Sessions every Saturday starting August 14th until October 30th.

There are currently 3 language classes available on the Growd app. 

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