Founder & Advisor

Matt is passionate about solving education’s biggest problems and enjoy connecting the dots. In 2019, he collaborated with Angie Madara to establish Growd Global Ltd, a project which was inspired by his own children and how they enjoy learning through different experiences.

Matt has been working in education for the last 9 years – initially as an IT and science teacher in a public school in the UK then as an IT manager within a large UK secondary school. in 2017, he led the pilot of an SMS assessment tool for primary school students in Nairobi, Kenya, and established e-limu which became a successful pilot and won the D-prize. He built out the MVP which managed and engaged customers and contractors and built a network of over 1,000 schools during his time with the project.

Prior to this, Matt set up a Behavior Change consultancy to develop high-quality teaching materials at a low cost for developing countries. He helped publish hundreds of thousands of posters, printed thousands of books, and ran radio campaigns in six languages throughout East Africa on topics such as coffee farming, malaria prevention, and governance and human rights.